Salisbury Fest returns revamped and rebranded

Salisbury Fest returns

The Salisbury Festival is coming back, but not the way you may remember it. Friday the city announced a new re-branded and revamped concept and added a key word to the name, Downtown.
The Downtown Salisbury Festival just the latest in Mayor Jake Day's joint efforts to put the focus back on what he calls a long neglected area.

“If we don't make this center thrive, we are going to fail in the long term. So it's critical that we ensure life comes back to center and yeah I've made sure of that and that's something I'm going to continue to focus on. We're not going to turn our backs on this place again,” Day said.

The reimagined festival is the partial brain child of the city's arts and entertainments executive director Jamie Heater who explains the new festival will have a focus on the arts, unique performances and making the best of a location with a ton of potential.

“I think the deciding factor is that the stage location and once I decided that the stage really still was going to go over here because this is where it's classically been in all the past Salisbury festivals. Once I decided that I truly was going to leave the stage in that location it all kind of fell into place,” Heater said.

On top of that food trucks and food vendors will be back along with carnival rides.

“I'm excited to put my girls on their first carnival ride and they're going to do it right here in downtown Salisbury, so I'm really excited about that,” Day said.

Heater said one of the key factors in bringing the festival back, was moving the dates from April to June 2-4. Heater said the change was mad to get away from a traditionally rainy month and two, for the warmer temperatures.

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