New autism study released reveal startling statistics

A new study on autism has been published by the American Journal of Public Health a week ahead of Autism Awareness Day.

The study was conducted over a 15-year period ending in 2014, thumbing through over 39 million death records, screening the codes on each record.

It found those with an autism diagnosis were three times more likely to die from injuries than the rest of the general population.

That number among children rises dramatically.  Autistic children are 40 times more likely to die from injuries than the general child population.

Three causes make up 80 percent of those injuries, suffocation, asphyxiation and drowning.

Because of this, the average age for those with autism is just 36, compared to 72 for the general population.

"We definitely need to prevent that by skill-building, but also by providing either guidance or coaches that will help them learn the skills they need in order to be safe," said Dr. Kathy Seifert, CEO of Eastern Shore Psychological Services.

The study added that because Autism is not a direct cause of death is would be under-reported on death certificates.  Among the 39 million certificates, only 1,367 persons were identified, 1,043 of which were male.

The study also added yearly deaths for people with autism rose seven-fold over the course of the study period.

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