Maryland House makes a move for equal housing

Legislation is working it's way through Annapolis that could make it easier for those in poverty to get housing.

HB 172 passed the House Monday night and would make it illegal for landlords to refuse leasing a home to someone simply because they have a government voucher or section 8 to help pay for their rent.

The voucher would pay for the remaining amount of rent that the prospective tenant could not afford.

Those against the bill say it would create an additional administrative burden for landlords and could cause delays as they attempt to receive their full rent payment, but they aren't the only ones sounding off.

"Proponents say that it deconcentrates poverty that it allows for more choice for low income individuals that because a majority of voucher holders are minority it also decreases segregation," said Theo Williams, Salisbury's Housing and Homelessness Manager. 

Williams said if Maryland were to pass the legislation it would join 12 other states and D.C. who have similar laws in place.  

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