Educators march in Annapolis to promote the Protect Our Schools agenda

More than a thousand Maryland educators from all over the state are descending upon Annapolis Monday evening to urge legislators to protect their schools.

Teachers and education professionals from every school district are taking a stance marching to the Maryland State house and one local teacher from Worcester County is joining the movement by making the trek.

"I'm a dad and I want my kids to have the best education possible. I have two kids in elementary school and I just want to do my part. I want to set a good example to my kids, for my students, I want to show my school responsible participation in democracy looks like," explains Everett Evansky, a teacher at Snow High Middle.

Evansky, along with others marching have taken issue with several different measures, including BOOST, which is a private school voucher program.

Educators claim that BOOST subsidizes private school tuition with taxpayer funding that would otherwise go to low-income students in public schools.

The marchers are also encouraging state leaders in Annapolis to get behind two separate pieces of legislation.

They are the Protect Our Schools Act and the Less Testing, More Learning Act.

Education officials say those bills will prevent the state from privatizing low-performing schools and from limit mandated testing.

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