Chincoteague Town Council approves conditional permit for water park

In Chincoteague Island, the town council voted 5-1 to permit the construction of a $5 million waterpark on Maddox Boulevard.

The five-acre water park called "Maui Jacks" is located on the KOA Chincoteague Campground.

This is the only water park on Chincoteague Island, as the park will have three slides, a lazy river, and splash zone for the kids.

The water park is on campgrounds, but it will allow visitors who aren't using the campground to use the facility.

We spoke to Todd Burbage, the Vice President of Blue Water Development Corporation, the company who proposed the project and he says that adding a water park is quite the trend for camping sites.

Burbage says, "It's a trend in the camping industry right now, campgrounds are putting water parks as a component to just attract visitors to it. In the camping industry specifically, if you put a wate rpark as just the campground it extends the length of the stay by a day and a half."

Construction will start in September 2017 and it will open by next summer in 2018.

The park is planning to hire high school students from the island for a summertime job.

The park does have some conditions such as limiting all structures to 36 feet, as well as placing a 6-foot fence around to be aesthetically pleasing.

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