Carvel Hall could be closer to having new owner

In Somerset County,  one building that has been sitting vacant for almost a decade could be closer to having a new owner. The building is Carvel Hall.

Wednesday afternoon, the Crisfield City Council voted unanimously to enter into a purchase agreement with an Annapolis based consulting firm.

Spangler Strategic Advisors, LLC is interested in redeveloping the building and made their presentation to the council earlier this month. The firm is exploring possible uses for the building such as generating renewable energy and assembling electronics.

Rick Pollitt, the City Manager of Crisfield tells us part of the purchase agreement includes a one year option to buy the property. In that year, the firm will first be conducting a series of tests and studies on the property to assure themselves that it is solid investment.

Pollitt, says if Spangler exercises their option they will pay the city $200,000 for the property and begin a $1.5 million improvement  that would make the property functional and marketable.

We're told the redevelopment of Carvel Hall could create up to seventy jobs in the area.

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