Business owner Amanda Kidd is here to talk about how Beat the Rush Delivery can help you with your holiday season to-do list

delivery can help. i’m joined by the owner of the business amanda kidd with more. why should i hire a btr personal shopper? when day to day activities begin to jam up your schedule and remove you from your inner peace and enjoyment of life, hiring a personal shopper can assist you in recovering your inner peace, time and enjoyment. whether you are a new mom, a mom/dad of many, a concerned relative, a senior, living with a disability, vacationing, traveling on business, or just desire a helping hand. btr is a great way to get your shopping done while focusing on the really important things in your life. what am i able to shop for using btr? farmers’ markets, grocery stores, specialty food stores, pharmacy, pet stores, retail stores, and much more. btr personal shoppers will not shop for: tobacco or vapor products, liquor, beer and other alcoholic beverages, and planned and unplanned parenthood items. how do i submit my shopping list to btr? shopping list can be submitted through a secured portal: https: when do i pay for my shopping list and service fee? how do i know i will receive my paid goods from btr? what happens when i over budget? the owners of btr have worked within the community in various capacities for several years. beat the rush delivery has been a registered maryland business since 2014. btr models its services to be reliable and trustworthy; with pending status towards becoming an insured and bonded company by the end of 2016. all customers that over budgeted for shopping lists, will have the options of either recieving a full refund of remaining funds or appling remaining funds to their account as a credit for future reservations. where does btr shop from? btr prefers to shop from farmers’ markets, locally owned markets, businesses and retailers; however we are able to shop from where the customer specifies. all payments and service fees are required upon reservation and receival of invoice. coming up we’ll have a look at what’s coming up on g-m-a. 47 abc news – delmarva’s trusted

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