Salisbury Zoo receives grant for flood repairs

The Salisbury Zoo is getting some much needed financial help to repair damage caused by the severe weather which resulted in severe flooding in early October.

Not only did they have flooding which damaged exhibits, but two big trees fell as well, one breaking the perimeter fence and the other damaged the burrowing owl exhibit.

Over a month later, many of the repairs from the flood are finished.

This huge maple tree is one of the last outstanding projects, but all the prior repairs took a toll on their budget.

That’s why a $5,000 grant from M&T bank is huge for the zoo.

Salisbury Zoo director, Ralph Piland says, “The grant that came from M and T bank is really really important to us otherwise our operating budget would be taking a big hit and we wouldn’t be able to look at doing all these things and doing our normal operations so its been a real real beneficial gift for us.”

The zoo director tells 47 ABC, thanks to this generous grant they may be able to not only fix the burrowing owl exhibit, but expand it.

He says they may be getting road runners in the next couple months.

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