DE State Auditor reveals details on Indian River School Dist

DE State Auditor reveals details on Indian River School District allegations

allegations were levied against their former chief financial officer. the delaware state auditor held a press conference this afternoon — to discuss the findings of a recent investigation. 47 abc’s michelle mackonochie was at that presser — and has the details. “i hate when i have situations like this any time but i certainly don’t like them when they’re pushing this close to a referendum.” track 1 thomas wagner is the auditor of accounts for the state of delaware. and for nearly a year — he’s been looking into the dealings of this man — patrick miller — chief financial advisor of the indian river school district. it started in january — with a number of complaints made about financial misconduct. 3 months later – miller was placed on administrativeeave on april 24th. miller resigned june 30th. this raised many questions — but at the time — few answers. until this press conference — when wagner released the findings of his special investigation. illegal embezzlement miller allegedly made purchases using money from the school district — the indian river volunteer fire company — and the boys and girls club. wagner says – he got away with this because he had a domineering personality. “many people just would not challenge him.” track 2 miller reportedly splurged — on the teacher of the year award ceremony — hosting it at baywood greens for 7-thousand dollars. 7 hundred plus — in jewelry. the report shows miller also moved money from the district — a combined 52-thousand dollars — to the fire company and the boys and girls club. it appears he also bought an all-terrain vehicle for the fire department. and sold it back to the school district for a 5-thousand dollar profit. “that deal was negotiated by the chief financial officer both as president of the fire company and as chief financial officer of the school district and you can’t have that. you can’t have those types of transactions.” track 3 wagner says that the school district has been very cooperative –and even reached out to him for advice and guidance moving forward. as far as any criminal charges against miller — 47 abc reached out to the state and they say they plan on reviewing the documents – and then making a decision. michelle mackonochie 47 abc. the audit also slams the school district for facilitating this behavior — because of a lack of policies and procedures – letting miller act without oversight. in the report released today — the indian river school district had a direct response to the auditor’s investigation. it said that in the past few years – the state of delaware has not required evaluations of their central office administrators. they also said — for each evaluation conference — miller was able to provide documents saying that the district was in full compliance. the district also added that they plan to hold their own press conference tomorrow — to discuss the findings. earlier tonight — mayor jake day held his state of the city address at salisbury

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