AAA: Thanksgiving eve dubbed ‘Blackout Wednesday’

AAA: Thanksgiving eve dubbed 'Blackout Wednesday'

meals and memories. however — triple-a mid atlantic — is also warning motorists to be extra careful on the road. dubbed blackout wednesday by triple-a — thanksgiving eve is unofficially called one of the busiest days for high levels of alcohol consumption. law enforcement officials say — it’s a particularly bad day for alcohol-related or drug-related fatal highway crashes. during the holidays — forty-five people are killed by intoxicated motorists a day — compared to twenty-eight. but — alcohol is not the only factor contributing to crashes. 03:56 we’re in deer mating season, so we know there are extra deer on the roadway, sometimes inclement weather conditions. we’ve seen lots of wind this weekend, and we’re also seeing more prevalence of marijuana use and prescription drug use 10 triple-a projects this year — about forty-three million americans will travel by car to their vacation spot. that tally includes — over nine-hundred thousand marylanders. and — if you’re going to visit family this holiday season

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