Cambridge hosts its first health fair

Better health is central to human happiness and well-being.It also makes an important contribution to economic progress, as healthy populations are said to live longer. Which makes Cambridge’s, first health fair of significant importance.

The event organizer, Montez Badger, tells 47 ABC that she’s visited many different cities and noticed that they are, in her opinion, more in tune with their health and promoting health in the community. 

Montez decided it was time to bring health awareness to her city, in Cambridge.
So, Saturday the 400 block of downtown Cambridge saw its first health fair.

“Some people aren’t even aware of the different resources that are here so, it was important to me to give them that sense of accessibility,” said Montez.

Saturday’s event had a variety of vendors present like; EMS who did CPR demonstrations, Cambridge health department  with breast cancer awareness information and health care insurance packets, as well as Beat The Rush Delivery which we had a chance to speak to.
“My mom was diagnosed with breast Cancer,” said Amanda Kidd, the founder of Beat The Rush Delivery. “She was going through remission so, we were talking about starting a business to help individuals that are living with chronic and acute diseases to be able to help them with their day to day.”

Beat The Rush Delivery is partnered with University of Maryland’s Market to Meals campaign, to help folks understand what types of foods are beneficial for their health as well as what seasons are best to buy certain produce. Additionally, because Amanda’s mother was diagnosed with breast cancer five years ago,  Beat The Rush offers meal plans and healthy living advice for those living with chronic illnesses.

“Unfortunately, she did pass in 2012 of stage four breast cancer so we are continuing on with the mission to helping folks that need an extra hand,” said Kidd.

The event’s organizer tells us that this is the first of many health awareness events that she plans to have in the city  of Cambridge, highlighting that a health body is a healthy mind.  For those interested in Beat The Rush delivery please visit their webpage at:

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