Salisbury to ban replica guns to protect youth

Salisbury officials are considering a ban on toys and BB guns that look like real weapons. They feel this will aid in preventing the type of shootings that have taken place across the country.

Officials met today at Salisbury city hall to address a number of issues including a ban on replica guns to protect children. There have been a number of instances where police officers have approached children and they have appeared to have a real gun which resulted in the child being wounded, sometimes fatally.

Councilmen Muir Boda says the responsibility is on the manufacturers that sell these types of guns, suggesting that they properly label the toy guns so that people can clearly see that they are not harmful.

“They feel real they look real and when an officer has to make a decision that takes a nanosecond – no officer wants to live with the rest of their life having to kill a child who they thought had a gun,” said Boda. “As far as I’m concerned, this is not a second amendment issue. I am a supporter but I think in this situation it’s more of a safety issue.”

The council will have a work session on October 3rd to discuss possible legislation but they imagine it will take two or three work sessions before anything is done.

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