Protestors want options other than death for feral cats

A cat named Oliver is now the center of a movement in Snow Hill, with protestors outside of the court house crying foul over his death on Thursday.  Protestors say Oliver was regularly fed and cared for by a local.  Though the cat is no different than a fox or raccoon in terms of domestication, protestors claim Worcester Co. Animal Control over-stepped their bounds when they allegedly put Oliver down on Wednesday.

“I wouldn’t even use the word euthanize” one Worcester Co. resident tells 47ABC adding “Oliver was killed”.  Strong words, but protestors say this is about more than just one cat.  Alley Cat Allies out of Bethesda, Md. organized the protest.  The organization promotes itself as the only national group dedicated to the protection and humane treatment of cats.  According to figures on the ACA website, 2015 numbers show Worcester Co. Animal Control killed more than 86% of their impounded cats.  Molly Armus, who is the staff attorney for ACA, says “Worcester County Animal Control’s practices and policies are inhumane.”

The protestors were not out there to only protest, but also to educate about what they think could be a solution.  Through Implementing a trap, neuter, release program.  Armus explains “it’s a way to humanely manage outdoor cat populations and it should be embraced by this community.”  Armus adds “and we hope that animal control is willing to sit down and have a conversation with us on how they can help implement it.”

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