Del. officials looking to fight climate change by “Fueling The Future”

The state of Delaware is no exception to the potential negative effects associated with climate change.

“We will lose 11% or more of our land mass. In 70 to 100 years, our climate here will feel more like Georgia. We’ll have instead of a couple days over 95 degrees during the day, we’ll have 20 to 30 to 40 days above 95 degree temperatures.” Said Susan Love, the DNREC Climate & Sustainability Section Lead.

In an effort to mitigate those predicted changes, the state of Delaware is zeroing in on vehicle emissions which account for nearly half (40%) of Delaware’s greenhouse gas emissions according to Love.

“in order to do so, we really have to reduce those emissions by 50 to 80% by mid-century.”

At Tuesday’s Fueling the future event, hundreds came out to see what clean energy vehicle options may be coming, like the BMW i3.

The i3 runs on an electric charge, but also features a gas motor in case of emergency. Kathy Harris with DNREC’s Division of Energy and Climate tells us that so far, the electric and hybrid vehicles have been well received by Delawareans.

Harris told 47 ABC, “We’re also seeing an increase of infrastructure which I know was a concern that a lot of people have. You know, if I purchase this vehicle, where will I be able to refuel or charge my vehicle? We’re really seeing this chicken and the egg problem not be a problem anymore because we’re having both the vehicles and we’re having some of the infrastructure as well.”

According the U.S. Department of Energy website, there are 50 charging outlet stations throughout Delaware.

If you don’t already own a clean-energy vehicle you could receive a few thousand dollars in rebates yhrough a state program.

Harris tells us that rebates of $2,200 are available for those who purchase or lease electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles.

We’re told smaller amounts are available for vehicles that run on propane and natural gas.

This is made possible through the state’s Clean Transportation Incentive Program.

Harris tells us the programs has been highly successful since it begin in July of last year. She says thus far, 130 rebates have been handed out.

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