Del. independent party endorses Trump

The Delaware Independent Party has announced it’s official endorsement for president. Officials say the third largest political party in the first state will be throwing it’s support behind Republican candidate, Donald Trump.

47 ABC spoke to Donald Ayotte, the chairman of the state’s Independent Party. He says the board recently voted on the decision to endorse the businessman.

Ayotte tells us that the party feels Trump is a great deal maker that is neither democrat or republican. He says over the past two decades, politicians in Washington haven’t been acting in the best interest of the American people, both in the states as well as abroad. That’s something he feels Trump will get away from.

“He’s a deal maker. And he wants what’s best for the American people. In the past 20 years, the change in parties, Democratic and Republican, have basically been doing a ménage à trois waltz with the American public and nobody wins.” Said Ayotte.

Ayotte tells us the party does not back Democratic candidate and Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders because they feel his policy resembles that of socialism.

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