Safety tips for keeping your home safe while away

Many students are gearing up for spring break next week and UMES police want to remind those who are leaving, to keep their homes safe and secure. Lieutenant Kenneth Collins says the less populated campus gives thieves the opportunity to burglarize homes.

He says if you are leaving, make sure to take all your valuables home with you, such as laptops, jewelry, or any gaming consoles. Collins says setting a timer for a light or even leaving one on, gives the illusion that someone is home.

47 ABC spoke with Lieutenant Collins and he says, “If you’re going to be gone have your mail left at the post office or have a neighbor take care of the mail while you’re gone. Some of the biggest mistakes is to go on social media and to announce that they’re leaving.”

Collins says another option, call your landlord to let them know you are leaving. You may also call your local police department and they will gladly do frequent drive by’s.

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