MSEA kicks off first-ever “Week of Action”

Groups of Maryland educators have kicked off the first-ever Week Of Action with the goal of fighting for less standardized testing in public schools.

Several bills are reportedly being discussed in the state’s General Assembly right now. One shoots to limit mandated testing to two percent of instruction time. Another bill would change the kindergarten readiness assessment to a sampling test.

The Maryland State Education Association is urging supporters to take part in events all week. Monday includes rallying on Facebook and posting shareable stories. They’re urging folks to wear red Tuesday and posting it using the hashtag “less testing”.

Wicomico County Education Association (“WCEA”) president Gary Hammer admits change will not happen overnight.

“I think this is an issue that’s going to stay around.” Says Hammer, “It may not get resolved this year but here at WCEA, we are gathering parents. We’re getting supporters, we’re getting community support, community organizers to come in with us…to hopefully advance this agenda.”

Hammer says WCEA is hosting a campaign of their own this spring; however, details remain limited right now.

For more information on the “Week Of Action”, click here.

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