UPDATE: One arrested after domestic dispute in Dover

51 year-old Mark Reedy, of Smyrna

The Delaware State Police combined with the Dover and Smyrna Police Departments say they are investigating a Smyrna man, in connection to a violent physical domestic assault.

Authorities say, while 51-year-old Mark Reedy, of Smyrna, was at Kent General Hospital for undisclosed reasons on November 10, his girlfriend came to visit. During the visit, the two apparently argued, which allegedly turned physical, with Reedy assaulting the woman. At about 2:30 AM the next day, the Dover Police Department investigated the incident, and when Reedy was was released from the hospital on November 12, he was arrested and charged for strangulation, and terroristic threatening. Reedy was arraigned on those charges, and released on a $3,000 bond, pending a preliminary hearing on November 23.

Then on November 19, the Smyrna Police Department reportedly received a Family Court injunction for Reedy, which stemmed from the reported domestic assault on November 10. It was at this time, Reedy was apparently given ample opportunities to comply with the court order to turn over his weapons, which police say he failed to do. On the same day, officials say a vehicle was seen leaving Reedy’s home on Kates Way, which they pulled over. A search of the vehicle reportedly revealed several weapons inside, which were then seized.

On November 20, the Delaware State Police say they executed a search warrant, and attempted to serve Reedy with the Family Court injunction at his home.

Sergeant Richard Bratz tells 47ABC the investigation is ongoing and police have not mentioned a victim or victims, or whether Reedy is a suspect, though they say he is connected to a homicide. 

“The homicide unit is involved and they were out there. Their investigation at this point is an active and ongoing investigation and we don’t want to make any statements that can actually impede that investigation.” Explains Bratz.

47ABC stopped by the Smryna home on Tuesday in hopes of speaking to Reedy about the allegations; however, our knocks went unanswered; however, a video apparently taken from inside from Reedy’s home the day of the search has surfaced on social media.  It was uploaded to Reedy’s facebook account claiming police shot and killed his dog.

Sergeant Bratz says the Operations Response Team did encounter a dog, which got aggressive when it began barking and growling at officers, so non-lethal force was used but failed.

“They actually used two bean bag rounds initially to subdue that animal.” Says Sergeant Bratz.

According to Sergeant Bratz, lethal force had to be used for the safety of the officers.

On Monday, Reedy allegedly turned himself in for failure to appear for the preliminary hearing for the strangulation, and terroristic threatening – threat commit crime likely result in death or serious injury charges. He was reportedly arraigned, and released on $3,000 unsecured bond, pending a preliminary hearing in Kent County Superior Court.

We’ll bring more information about the reportedly pending homicide investigation, as authorities release more information. 

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