What to look for if your car might have water damage

For those who have had their cars parked in flooded areas of Delmarva, you might want to get it checked by a professional before you start it.

The water, especially salt water, can cause severe damage to your cars motor and other parts that might not be visible to the naked eye officials say.

If you do suspect there is water damage, Todd Sos of SOS Auto Service Inc. told 47 ABC that most likely no amount of work can fully repair your car.

He also cautions anyone from listening to a mechanic that says they can fully repair a car that has been water damaged.

“There’s no final repair for something like that it just continues to eat and harm the electrical system through all the electrical connections,” Sos said. “So even with the most diligent mechanic who cleans everything and whatever it’s just going to be a habitual thing.”

Soss also said that if you do suspect there is water damage, you should not start your car, instead you should call your insurance agency and have them send someone out to look at it.

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