Chancellor discusses needs of Eastern Shore

As the chancellor of the University System of Maryland spent time on the Eastern Shore on Wednesday, he heard from local leaders and community members about what they say we need.

Two areas that topped the list were agriculture and professions within the field of healthcare. Chancellor Robert Caret says he and other officials are paying attention and are being asked to work on making those areas more attractive within the University system.

We’re told because the Eastern Shore relies on them so heavily, they’re necessary to the health of the region. The chancellor says another major point discussed was equity and funding issues among individual schools.

Chancellor Caret says, “There are many very poor subdivisions of the state that need more resources just to keep pace with some the richer subdivisions. It’s not just to become the best in the world, but just to do a good job at what they’re doing. How can we work more closely with k-12, community colleges, and state universities in this region to provide a more equitable and attainable for the different students?”

The chancellor wraps up his listening bus tour in Western Maryland on Thursday.