Internet privacy rule under debate

A new rule under consideration of The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers is causing a stir. Some believe it could increase internet harassment.  

The new rule would require some website owners to publicly disclose their address by limiting the use of proxy registration.

Supporters believe it would cut back on piracy and other forms of fraud. Owners of domains use proxy registrations to conceal their information from being listed in a data base.

However, without the registration, someone’s name, mailing address, phone number, and even email address can be accessed.

Opponents says they believe this new rule could put domain owners that support potentially controversial topics like sexual orientation and race at risk.

Seth Whaley with Impact Technology Group says, “You can have people spamming you. If you have an idea on your website that someone disagrees with, say like gay rights or things like that, and people disagree with that, they can come right in and harass you. It’s really threatening honestly.”

The rule would reportedly include some safeguards, but they remain unclear. There’s no word on if or when this rule could go into effect, but ICANN has released a proposal for the rule for public comment.


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