“Hands Across the Sand” reaches Ocean City

Thousands of people across the country, including folks in Ocean City, joined hands along beaches for the national “Hands Across the Sand” initiative.

Members of the Ocean City Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation say the goal of “Hands Across the Sand” is to raise awareness about the dangers off-shore drilling, recognizing what they call America’s dependence on oil, and promote better practices to keep our waters clean.

The Surfrider Foundation says although there isn’t any off- shore drilling taking place near Ocean City now, they want it to stay that way. They say that is why raising awareness is so important. 

Craig Sibal with the Ocean City chapter of the Surfrider Foundation says, “We are the keepers of the coast. We need to try and create better practices and principles for people to help maintain the coast. We need to fight for the rights of marine life, as well as the community of individuals. It’s for the enjoyment of nature.”

Members of the Ocean City Surfrider Foundation say there are very simple ways to help better the beaches; one example is just picking up a piece of trash.