Suspect claims police brutality

A black eye, broken hand, and fractured vertebrae, is what 40- year-old Miguel Santos is saying is the result of police brutality.

Santos says, “He jumped on my back, then they threw me to the ground. When I was on the ground he grabbed my head from the back and hit it into the concrete three times over here.”
January 3rd, Santos was arrested on South Salisbury Boulevard for a DUI, resisting arrest, driving while suspended, and second degree assault on a deputy.

Santos goes on, “If somebody jumps on your back you’re going to have a reaction.”

Santos admits he had been drinking that night and that he did get behind the wheel.
However, what he doesn’t agree with, is the assault charges. The force apparently inflicted on him during the arrest.  

47 ABC spoke with Wicomico County Sheriff Mike Lewis who says quote, “He would have been a lot more banged up if it were me.”

Santos was described as “violent” on the scene, and apparently attempted to choke the deputy.

Sheriff Lewis applauds the deputy who arrested Santos, saying he had actually restrained himself, and if lethal force were used it would have been completely justified.

This is something Santos’ fiance couldn’t disagree more with.

Eliza Nichols, Santos’ fiance says, “Even if he was grabbing him and chocking him, I still think that everything just went too far.” 

Santos and his fiance are also bothered that the sheriff’s department used an old mugshot of Santos to release to the public, instead of the booking photo taken the night he was arrested.

The photo they used was taken back in 2014, for a prior DUI arrest, clearly no injuries.     

Santos says deputies took pictures at the hospital the detention center and the sheriff’s office.

47ABC asked for photos taken by the arresting officers the night of the incident, but the sheriff’s office says that was the picture they have on file.

Right now, Santos is concerned about is physical health, and when he is well, he and his fiance plan to take legal action against the sheriff’s office.

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