Mid Atlantic Educational Alliance holds Common Core town hall

Common Core was adopted by the state of Delaware back 2010 in trade for $119 million to pour into their “Race To The Top” fund. It’s geared towards reforming America’s public schools and increasing student learning.

However, teachers tell 47ABC  they don’t want common core anymore and believe schools blindly accepted the standards because of the money that was involved

Dr. Peg Luksik, a teacher for 35 years says, “It is based on a false premise that the government can mandate that every child can achieve the same thing at the same time to a governments schedule. It is discriminatory in it’s application.”

However, not everyone feels this way.

Judy Stoehr, an education consultant says, “I agree with the principle or the concept that we need better standards so that we can compete on a global basis.”

The conflicting opinions prompted the Mid Atlantic Educational Alliance  to hold a town hall where nationally recognized educators and administrators could explain what Common Core means for students in Delaware.

Kathleen Jasper, a former educator and administrator says, “People are able locally to make decisions about their children, instead of having it be a blanketed set of standards put out there for everybody to follow.”

47ABC spoke with five teachers from the state of Delaware. They didn’t wish to appear on camera out of fear that speaking negatively about Common Core could jeopardize their jobs.

However, they did say common core causes students from low socio-economic backgrounds to fair poorly on standardized tests and doesn’t accurately display of their abilities.

They say it also forces them to teach for the test and slows down the educational process, and apparently the Department of Education isn’t backing any of their concerns.

Dr. Luksik continues, “When the government is silent about something, regular people should worry.”

The panelists suggested to those who were opposed to Common Core, to contact a state legislature, and have them get on board.

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