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50° F
10° C
Mostly Cloudy
  • Feels Like: 50° F 10° C
  • Wind: 9 mph 15 kph at SW
  • Humidity: 48%
  • Dew point: 31° F -1° C
  • Barometer: 29 inches millibars and steady
  • Sunrise: 7:13 AM EST
  • Sunset: 5:16 PM EST
49° F
9° C
Scattered Clouds
Ocean City
  • Feels Like: 49° F 9° C
  • Wind: 6 mph 9 kph at WSW
  • Humidity: 50%
  • Dew point: 31° F -1° C
  • Barometer: 29 inches millibars and rising
  • Sunrise: 7:11 AM EST
  • Sunset: 5:14 PM EST

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Weather Forecast

Sunshine and a couple of clouds will return for Sunday and temperatures will warm up into the upper 40s and lower 50s. Overnight, clouds will return and temperatures will fall into the low 30s. As a new system approaches from the West, this system will bring a wintery mix throughout the peninsula mainly  Monday into Tuesday morning. We will be seeing a mix of snow/sleet/rain. Temperatures will stick to the cool side in the low 40s and upper 30s and fall into the chilly 20s overnight.

It will feel a lot like winter for the Tuesday with clouds above and temperatures in the mid 30s during the day. There can be a passing system bringing flurries across Delmarva.  Overnight temperatures will fall into the teens. Wednesday will call for sunshine and breezy conditions so with wind chill factor and chilly temperatures, it will feel like the low 20s throughout the day. BURR! We have a more seasonable flow as we approach Thursday. By Friday temperatures will make their way back into the lower 40s with mostly sunny skies.


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Hurricane Arthur landfall


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There are currently no severe weather alerts.

Weather Almanac

Average High:44°
Average Low:27°
Record High:75° in 1950
Record Low:4° in 2003
Sunrise:7:13 AM EST
Sunset:5:16 PM EST
Sunrise:7:13 AM EST
Sunset:5:15 PM EST