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Updated 2017 Hurricane Outlook

Today, August 9, 2017, NOAA has updated their 2017 hurricane season outlook. Forecasters are now predicting an even better chance for an above average season. Forecasters have now increased the number of named storms and major hurricanes expected, saying this season has the potential of being very active.

The new outlook calls for 14-19 named storms (increased from the previous outlook of 11-17) and 2-5 major hurricanes (increased from the previous May outlook of 2-4). 

We are now entering the peak of the season where the Atlantic will likely become more active. August and September typically bring the most tropical activity. The Atlantic upper-air patterns and warm waters make it more favorable this year due to the lack of an El Nino. There have already been six named storms this season and we're barely halfway through the season. An average season only produces 12 named storms. Below is a list of the names that have already been used for storms, plus a look at some of the upcoming storm names. Gert will be assigned to the next storm that develops.


Now just because an active season is expected, it doesn't mean these storms will make landfall in the U,S., it just means there is a greater chance of that happening. It only takes one storm and one landfall to make a season unforgettable.

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