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Wicomico Sheriff Department Carries Out Drug Bust

Wicomico Sheriff Department Carries...

Salisbury, Md. - A pair of siblings are now facing several charges after Wicomico Sheriff deputies conducted a drug bust in Salisbury.

Authorities say 29 year old Samantha Mitchell and her 34 year old sister, Malinda Mitchell  were running a drug house in the 1300 block of Jersey Road. 

 According to investigators they weren't alone,  they  had help from a man named Marvin Banks.

Authorities say an undercover officer bought drugs from the home, then a short time later, sheriff deputies went into the house and found several varieties of drugs along with ammunition and cash. 

Detective Sergeant, Kelly Matthews, says they were tipped by residents who reported lots of foot traffic.

"A lot of traffic up at a house is a pretty good indicator. Cars coming and going is a good indicator. Somebody hanging out or a group of people hanging out in the yard."

The Sheriff's office says all three suspects are scheduled for a preliminary exam in the next week or so. 

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