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Wicomico Schools Look to Boost KRA Test Scores

Wicomico Schools Looks to Boost KRA...

Wicomico County, Md -  It's an exam Wicomico County Public Schools use as a tool to gauge how much kindergarten students know, and students in the county aren't performing well. 

School official, Sandra Drummond, says less than half of kindergartens are ready for school. 

"Based on last year's Kindergarten Readiness Assessment only 33% of our students came into kindergarten demonstrating the skill level that's expected to be successful".

District Officials say part of the KRA exam is given on an iPad, but critics of the test say the way its administered isn't fair.

Wicomico Public Library Youth Services Coordinator, Barbara Graham, says they have created a special section just for kids from birth to three years old to encourage learning. 

"It's really critical to be reading to children from birth, especially through age three when all the brain connections are being made those are the precious years when we really get kids ready for kindergarten."

Drummond says its easy to help kids get ready for school. 

"One of the most basic things our parents can do or anyone interacting with young children, you want to read to them regularly. We certainly would advocate on a daily basis. You also want to talk with them about what it is that you are reading to them."

Educators say the low KRA scores translate to lower graduation rates - so the earlier kids get started - the better. 

School official, Micah Stauffer, says reaching kids early in their school career makes a big difference later on. 

"We know that that parallels as they go through each of their years in school all the way through high school. That's very difficult to overcome that gap."



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