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Pocomoke officials look for answers in water issue

POCOMOKE, Md. - Pocomoke city leaders say there's plenty of blame to go around when it comes to the city's water issue, but they tell 47 ABC exclusively that they are troubled that one of the firms contracted to oversee big projects didn't do something sooner.

City manager  Bobby Cowger says the firm shouldn't shoulder all the blame. 

He says several city administrations dropped the ball by failing to get the city's water cleared up.
Regardless, Cowger, plans to meet with the engineering firm that oversees all of the major public works projects to ask why they didn't do something sooner.

" Well I want to put em on notice to let em know that hey, if I don't see some results coming from the piping I'm gonna do and the water coming through then granted we may have to look at new engineers or some new eyes or a new vision of what's going on." 

Cowger tells 47 ABC that the city has paid George, Miles and Buhr to oversee all the city's major projects. 

He also says the city has been working with GMB for about 20 years.

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