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Pocomoke Officials Launch Pilot Program for Water Issue

Pocomoke Officials Launch Program for...

POCOMOKE CITY, Md. - Pocomoke officials are being aggressive and innovative in an effort to improve water quality running through city pipes.

Back in November, we talked to Pocomoke residents and leaders who were dealing with a quality of life issue. 

The city's water is still smelly and discolored. 

Officials have started replacing pipes to fix the issue but today we're learning that they upping the anty to get clear water running from taps again. 

Because of the story we put together here, a Korean company reached out to the city and offered a solution. 

Now, Pocomoke is launching a pilot program with Iorex to install a device in several pipes that will clean water faster according to city manager, Bobby Cowger.

"Iorex puts a unit. We install it right in our water lines. And what the water does as it goes this unit it electronically deionizes the water."

Pocomoke will be the first city in the country to install these devices. 

They are expected to cost the city around  $30,000.

If the city feels they aren't working after six months, they can return the equipment and get their money back. 

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