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Ocean City Police look to solve unusual crime

Ocean City Police look to solve...

Police in Ocean City are trying to figure out who swiped equipment crucial to saving lives.

Firefighters rely on this hardware during an emergency. 

There are lots of unanswered questions in this case, but the biggest one is why? 

Police say in a statement issued on Wednesday that they found 10 standpipe valves swiped from buildings on the northern end of town. 

One fire marshal, Joe Sexauer,  says the valves help his department save lives. 

"Stand pipe systems are in a lot of buildings that are usually four stories or more. Essentially what they are is an integrated hose system in the building."

Sexauer describes the valves as part of an intricate water carrying system that allows fire workers to connect water hoses on sites of fires and quickly put out blazes.  

"It allows firefighters to fight fires in larger buildings or fires on upper floors versus trying to drag all of their hoses from teh fire truck."

A town spokesperson tells 47 ABC,  this isn't the first time this has happened.

Something similar happened last spring.

But this time, officials are asking building owners to check their standpipe valve which is in a place most operations don't secure.

"The most common location for a standpipe for a building is usually in the stair towers so obviously it doesn't take much to take a walk through your stair towers." , says Sexauer. 

The valves are made of brass and cost anywhere from $100 to about $400 dollars. 

Condos, hotels and any building, four or more stories high must have  the valve system in place. 

So far, police have no suspects in this caper.

Anyone with info is asked to call the Ocean City Police department at: 410-723-6600


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