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Obama Administration aims to stop chronic absenteeism

Obama Administration aims to stop chronic absenteeism

47 ABC - Chronic absenteeism,  is a problem plaguing America's schools,  so much so that the White House stepped in Wednesday with the announcement of their Every Student, Every day program.

The education department released new numbers which show an estimated 5 million to 7.5 million students miss at least 10 days out of the school year. The program is focused on lowering those numbers by 10 percent each year, starting this year.

Studies have proven those who miss that much time are more likely to fall behind in their studies and drop out of school.

They plan to bring the absentee numbers down by giving schools access to a federal toolkit that will include guidance to help schools address the problem.  A nationwide summit is planned for this spring, based on the education department findings.

And they plan to implement new technical assistance for states and local school districts on early warning systems for at risk students beginning this January.

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