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Hand cyclist takes on Seagull Century

Hand cyclist takes on Seagull Century

47 ABC - This weekend, Seagull Century, a bicycling event that tours the Eastern Shore of Maryland will be bringing  thousands of athletes to take on the 65 to 100 mile routes. A hand cycle team from the Kennedy Krieger Institute's International Center for Spinal Cord Injury is looking to challenge the idea of what's possible  and not let physical limitations stop them from crossing the finish line. One of their team members is Robby Beckman, a quadriplegic, who is looking to push the limits.

However, Robby wasn't always quadriplegic. He played baseball in college and attended Salisbury University his sophomore year, and around that time, he got into a diving accident in Ocean City, and became paralyzed.

" Woke up roughly 13 days later at the University of Maryland shock trauma in Baltimore..and that was the first couple of days after my accident of breaking my neck," says Robby.

Despite this accident, Robby has kept his spirit up.

"The positive memories here in Ocean City are a whole lot memorable than the one diving accident that I had here," says Robby.

With the help of physical therapy, he has limited mobility in his upper extremities and has allowed him to challenge himself physically and be able to ride a hand cycle. He tells 47 ABC what keeps him motivated, is being able to prove that anything is possible to his 3 year old son.

"It helps a lot when you got this guy right next to you, waking up every morning," says Robby.

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