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Habitat for Humanity ReStore Expands Hours

Habitat for Humanity ReStore Expands...

SALISBURY, Md. - The Wicomico Habitat for Humanity ReStore is expanding its hours.  

The store will now be open for business on Tuesdays.

Store employees say the change is in response to what customers need. 

In an effort to get the word out, Habitat officials have started rolling out some ads and are running a discount promotion to beef up sales. 

Store manager, Lee Wise, says there's something for everybody at the Re-Store. 

"A little bit of everything from paint to building material. Kitchen tables, furniture, household items, little blenders all the way up to stoves." 

The store is now open Tuesday through Friday from 10-5 pm. 

The location is also ready for business on Saturdays from 10-3 pm. 

All the proceeds from store sales go toward rehabbing and building homes.

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