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Generator Safety Tips

Generator Safety Tips

DELMARVA, USA - The improper use of a generator and the dangers it can lead to is a familiar tale in Somerset County. 

"The tragedy we had here two and a half years ago with the children and the father passing sad situation."

In 2015, Rodney Todd was trying to keep house powered up by using a generator. 

However, carbon monoxide ended up killing him and his seven children because he had the unit inside of his home. 

Its a tragedy officials hope people will use as a lesson on why generator safety is so important. 

"Big thing is that when you have a generator folks keep it from your  house. Keep it 15 to 20 feet from your house. Generators you can over load them. A lot of them have circuit breakers that can kick out. Some times the circuit breakers overheat and catch fire."

Walston says its important to install carbon monoxide detectors in your home *and* pay attention to signs like feeling nauseated if you're using a generator.

"You get no smell folks. Sometimes people will have a headache from it. Then the next thing you know you've passed out. There's no detection of smell." 

The circumstances surrounding the Todd's family death are still a little murky.  

But utility officials say the power was never turned on in Todd's name. 

Delmarva Power says if anyone finds themselves struggling to pay their bill to call them first. 

"Every situation is unique. So we really do take everything as a case by case basis. And we'll work with the customer to come up with a payment plan."


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