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Frankford needs council candidates

Frankford needs council candidates

FRANKFORD, Del. - A local town is looking for someone, anyone to run for a council seat in 2018.

Three of the five seats in Frankford are up for grabs next year and town leaders are hoping they can find a trio to step up to serve for two years. 

Town leaders say they only need three people who have lived in Frankford for more than a year, who are U-S citizens, and at least 18 years old to step forward. 

Marty Presley, a council member who decided not to run again, says whoever goes after the seat should be ready to roll up their sleeves. 

"Frankford is a great little town. It does have some issues it needs a council to oversee since we don't have a town manager of a mayor so to speak. It all falls on the council's shoulders so you really need to take a sincere interest in the town and really take pride in your community."

The position is unpaid. 

January 10th is the filing deadline.

New council leaders will be elected on the first Saturday in February.

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