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Dover City Council censures member temporarily

Dover City Council ousts member...

DOVER, Del. - Dover city councilman Brian Lewis is being disciplined for unethical behavior. 

The city council voted on Monday to censure him temporarily. 

Lewis stands accused of violating the city's ethics code by accusing a fellow council member of failing to excuse himself from a vote that included his employer. 

The council voted 6-3 in favor of disciplining Lewis. 

Councilman  Roy Sudler Junior says this is a dangerous trend. 

"So now its at the point to where if we take on a position anyone who opposes the majority of the council and they feel like we need to be muzzled then this censureship will give them  a great tool to intimidate anyone who feels like they are standing up for their rights or the rights of their constituents." 

So far its not clear how long Councilman Lewis will be censured.

Councilman Sudler thinks the matter should go before an ethics committee.

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