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Back To School Parties

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SALISBURY, Md- Salisbury University students are back for their first weekend of the school year.

Resident John Everett says, "I think when the freshman and stuff come in the parties are really really obnoxious." 

For many, it's their first time away from home, a time to celebrate, but celebrations can quickly turn into headaches for residents like John Everett who have student renters as neighbors.

Everett, "It does get kind of old having to come out and clean your yard and replace stuff they've damaged."
SU administration isn't naive to this issue, they address it head on with their students.

Dean of Students, Valerie Randall- Lee says,"With our commuter connections office we provide them a lot of educational materials just on how to be a good neighbor."

Resident Dixie Quillen says, "They'll come up and talk to me or ask me if I need anything."

The University also has a strong relationship with local law enforcement.

Quillen responds, "The college police ride up and down here all the time."

Keeping an eye on the students, which Everett agrees has been successful over the 15 years he has lived near the University.

Everett goes on, "If they're staying around they kind of settle down."
However, in the event there is a problem, who should you contact?

Valerie Randall- Lee replies, "Should always call their local police."

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