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In 2013 Global Mobile Ad Revenue Hit 19.3B, Doubling the Previous Years Stats

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Whether or not you were expecting it, the global mobile ad revenue for 2013 doubled that of the previous year. How much did it clear? Over 19.3 billion dollars. That’s from all over the world – and that is including a whole lot of mobile devices. Not just cell phones either. Tablets, gaming devices… if it’s mobile and connects to the internet, it helped contribute to the amount of money made last year.

This Marketing Roadmap is huge news. Many experts knew the amount was going up, but had no idea it would be doubled. Now mobile advertisers are scrambling while popping the champagne bottles and wondering what’s next on their docket. How do they take advantage of this big news? There are many steps to consider, and now every advertiser is wondering how to get a bigger piece of the pie this year and next.

Mobile ads have quickly become a key way of saving money and reaching the target market with ease. Those who want to see results are always looking to go down new paths to try and get the most out of their marketing campaigns. A lot of companies have started noticing the advantages of using mobile ads as their main source of advertising. They believe this Marketing Roadmap is the road to success in the modern age of business and the numbers say it all.

So if you own a mobile device, you can expect to see more advertisements to pop up. Advertisers are going to be trying lots of new things such as Marketing Roadmap in the hopes of scoring big next. If you’re in the advertising industry, doubtlessly you are a part of many teams searching the data for the big clue that will lead you to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

What will be the magic number next year? Who knows at this point. The only thing we’re sure of is that the number will be even bigger. How are we so sure? Because such an increase in revenue points to something bigger than itself: the fact that more of the world is becoming “mobile,” and that means more capital to be gained. As even more people pick up a handheld device, more money will be made.

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