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Will the Recent News of a 3D Makeup Printer Revolutionize the Makeup Industry

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A new 3D makeup printer that will allow a person to print makeup in the comfort of their own home is now about to become a reality. The founder Grace Choi is currently negotiating with different companies to bring her printer to market.

August 1, 2014

Huntington, New York, USA – /PressCable/

Many say the Mink Makeup printer is set to revolutionize the makeup industry. The Mink does for makeup what 3D printing has done for, well, just about everything else. The 3D printing device, called Mink, could potentially turn the cosmetics industry upside down. The founder Grace Choi says that “the printer allows you to print out your own makeup based on any picture.” The Mink is claiming itself to be a 3D printer that has the capability to print makeup in the comfort of one’s own home.

All the software needs is the hex code of the chosen color and the printer is ready to print. Mink will print any color the person chooses, by simply selecting the hex color code, using any method a person may desire. Once the individual has the color, they can find its hex code with a color picker and then pull it up in a graphics program like Photoshop or Paint. Users simply choose a color on a website, Pinterest board, or take a picture with their phone, and use any color picker to locate the hex code of the color.

All a person needs is the printer, color picker software to copy the hexcode of a color, and print software. The Mink uses basic color picking software to convert the color to a computer-readable hex code.

The ink used in an inkjet printer is the same as that used by most makeup brands. The at-home 3D printer can utilize the same FDA-approved lipstick and eyeshadow.

Choi hopes to put the printer into production for $300 and promises that the ink and color needed to create the makeup will be competitively priced as well. She says makeup consumers aren’t always loyal to certain brands, but rather focused on convenience.

Will the printer be easy enough for consumers to use? Will she find the right partner to mass produce the printers, and will the quality of the makeup be able to compete with the popular brands available today?

Its a great concept and with many other creative beauty tools available today, time will certainly tell.

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