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Beach Goers Puzzled With No Place To Change In OC

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OCEAN CITY, Md. - The sign in bathrooms along the Ocean City boardwalk read "changing of clothes in this bathroom is prohibited."

The only problem...

"It's the only private place you can go to at least have a little cover up," says Sam, visiting from Alexandria, VA.

The lack of changing stations came up in a recent town council meeting, after Fourth of July bathroom lines snaked on.

The issue not only effects beach goers, but also business owners like Patricia Butcha.

"Mostly we hear complaints," says Patricia Butcha, the owner of Glitter & Gold, just across the boardwalk from the comfort station.  Butcha says the lack of changing stations hurts business.

"I think it discourages day trip business," she says.

The idea behind not allowing people to change in the restrooms is to prevent lines like this one, but many folks in ocean city say if not there, where?

While there isn't an official place to change out of wet or sandy beach clothes...there's also no law against doing it in the bathroom, so the worst punishment is a scolding from the bathroom attendant.

Angela, visiting from Baltimore said "you can't change in the car because somebody will see you changing, and that wouldn't be good."

Changing in the car may be uncomfortable, but police say you won't face charges if your caught because the intent isn't exposure.  But on the flip side, someone lurking through the window wouldn't be considered a Peeping Tom because you're technically changing in public.

We reached out to town officials, who didn't have an immediate answer as to why changing stations were removed years ago, other than that they were found to be more of a hassle than they were worth.

Ocean City is looking into portable restrooms to alleviate congestion for special occasions like Independence Day, but no official decision has been made.

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