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The Thrill Of The Rides At The Fair

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HARRINGTON, Del. - It's one of the biggest reasons people come to the fair, the rides. However, I haven't been on them in a long time, so I spent the day taking fair goers advice about which ones to try out.

Some speed, some spin, some flip and twist, with so many options, where to begin? I figured the fairgoers who got to them right when they opened would be the best to ask. One fairgoer responded "The roller coaster!" Fair enough. This thing looks pretty harmless, but out of my fellow passengers, I was by far the most scared. Another rider explains "It just whips you backwards." Kelly replies "It just whips me?"

Where to next? This Rainbow ride seemed to be getting a lot attention. Where Kelly warns her fellow rider " I'm sorry in advance for your ear drums." Kelly screams "woohoooo!"

After feeling pretty adventurous, I accidentally found myself by some of the smaller rides, but I couldn't turn down this recommendation. Emily Karolccak, fairgoer, says "it was so fun but it was kind of scary when you went around that little bend."

After three rides I was pretty confident with my feedback, until I met these people. Britt Lesniewski, fairgoer, says "There's one over there that's a big circle, rollercoaster, I don't know the name of it that ones really awesome."

To wind things down, I rounded out my day with a classic, the Ferris Wheel. But this time I was the one that had to hold the camera, as my cameraman wept.

Okay, so I may have chickened out on some of the really crazy rides here, but come on who doesn't love rides like the big slide?

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