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Battle Of The Home Brews At DSF

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Jimmy Kroon, of Delmarva United Home Breweries Jimmy Kroon, of Delmarva United Home Breweries
Ron Price, Judge Director Ron Price, Judge Director

HARRINGTON, Del. - 74 competitors with 241 beer entries, faced off in the 4th Annual Battle of the Brews on Saturday.

Jimmy Kroon, President of Delmarva United Home Breweries explains, "It's home-brewed beer, beer people have made at home." Ron Price, Judge Director, explains, says "We judge the beers and score them on a 50 point base; they get scored by aroma, mouth feel, flavor, and overall."

Simple, right? Not exactly. The judges analyze the beers based on their category, such as light lager or barley wine and Saturday's competition had more than 20 of them, and some of those categories have sub-categories.

Price says, we use terms like "toasted, roasted, hoppy, sweet, sour. It's a study, it's a schooling."

A schooling I couldn't learn in one day, but I was still able to lend one of  my senses to help out with a bit of the judging.

Kroon says "it's like pungent in your nose."

However, the real hard work is what happens before the judges see the final product.

Kroon explains "a quick beer might be a week two weeks, some of the bizarre sour categories those can take years."

Hard work, only a handful will receive a prize for, but for many of them, it's not just about the competition.

Price says "you could go down to the local retail liquor store and buy beer why would you want to brew it? Because you love it, that's why."

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