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DNREC Fun House Features Interactive Exhibits

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HARRINGTON, Del. - There are so many fun exhibits to check out at the Delaware State Fair this year. The DNREC building has a new theme this year, and it is interactive, and so much fun! Not only is it so engaging, you'll walk out with a wealth of knowledge! I really learned a lot today! Take a look.

Welcome to the Fun house of Science, presented by the Delaware Department of Natural Resources! Matthew Cardona, Event Coordinator, DNREC, says "there's a science behind what we do."

Walk in, and you're greeted by a guide who will hand you this game book, that takes you through nine different stations including home energy conservation, highways and roads, the wetlands and trash stoppers. You're bound to learn something new!

12-year-old Ayese Salman, of Frederica, DE says "I learned that when leaves get caught up in drains, they can cause flooding."

Cayden Tune, of Seaford, DE says "when the air thing is purple, it's unhealthy."

So I decided to take a shot at my knowledge on air quality!

Guide: "when the air quality is coded as code maroon, what does that mean in terms of air quality?" Jemie: "That means it's unhealthy, that you shouldn't be outside." Guide: It's actually a VERY unhealthy situation." Jemie: you learn something new everyday!"

At the recycling station, you'll learn all about how different products are recycled. "The material goes through a series of vibrating screens to isolate the cardboard and paper."

Don Long, DNREC, "one of the examples is the fiber fill you use in a ski jacket. It can be made from five two-liter bottles."

After going through all the stations, and filling out your game book, everyone gets to take something home!

Carol Riggs, Chief of Public Affairs, DNREC, says "They get one of our prizes, like a Black-eyed Susan, which is a native plant to Delaware."

The DNREC Fun House of Science is open everyday from noon until 8 PM, and it's not just for kids. Hey, I'm an adult and I had a blast! No lie! So be sure to stop by the DNREC building and check it out!

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