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Summer "Melting" Away College-Bound Students

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47 ABC - It's summer – which means, the beach, friends, and a whole lot of fun. And school is probably the last thing on many students' minds. But for those starting college, a dangerous phenomenon is becoming a cause for concern.

"As long as there's been admissions, there has been summer melt," Assistant Vice President of Enrollment Management at Salisbury University Aaron Basko said.

Summer melt is when students with intentions to go to college, bail last minute and don't show up come the fall.

"Probably the main cause is laziness, they realize how much work they're really in for," incoming freshman at Salisbury University Megan Short said.

"They find other opportunities or they get side tracked," Dev Basumallik of Salisbury, Md. said.

According to recent research at Harvard University, the numbers are quite startling. Depending on the school, 10 to 40 percent of incoming students back out.

"I think every year, you have students who, they get nervous, or they run into unexpected financial difficulties," Basko said.

But at Salisbury University, this year's summer melt is not as scorching, with about 4 to 5 percent of students who are a no-show. It's largely due to the school's efforts to keep students motivated during the summer. Emails, Phone calls, checklists, outdoor experience trips, student reading programs and early orientation, all serve to engage students and make them feel a part of the school even before the first day of class.

"And this year we're sending out little postcards saying, here are the top five reasons to be excited about starting your future with Salisbury," Basko said.

Some schools have resorted to texting students during the summer. Salisbury University has decided not to follow suit, since their methods appear to be working for now.

47 ABC reached out to officials of our local high schools who tell us, they look forward to working with colleges to help combat this problem.

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