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Tonight's Supermoon

As skies clear out tonight, it's a perfect evening to look up at the sky and find the full moon. This month's full moon coincides with the moon being at its closest point to Earth during its orbit. Scientists call this perigee. Perigee is reached about every 28 days, though it does not always coincide with the full moon. When perigee and a full moon happen on the same night, it is coined by the term Supermoon.

As the moon reaches perigee tonight it will be around 222,611 miles from earth. This is about 30,000 miles closer than the moon is at its furthest point from earth. When looking up at the moon tonight, it will appear larger and much brighter than usual.

We all know the tides are affected by the moon. So you may wonder if tides will be especially high tonight. The answer to that is yes, though the Supermoon will not affect tides to the point of flooding.

If you miss tonight's Supermoon, the next one occurs on August 10th. This event will feature the moon at its closest point to earth all year; about 221,765 miles away.

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