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Afraid Of Driving Across The Bay Bridge? One Company Will Help You Get Over it

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STEVENSVILLE, Md. - Many of the hundreds of thousands in our area, expected to hit the road for an Independence Day vacation will probably be driving across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge, but at least that part of the trip is far from a joy ride, and some are actually willing to pay others to cross it.

"I feel like my hands won't stay on the wheel.  It's kind of like a panic thing," says Mark from Annapolis, talking about crossing the Bay Bridge.

Spanning almost five miles, and 186 feet at the peak, it's been listed as one of the most terrifying bridges in the country.

Samantha Nice drives people across the bridge for a living, "people just hear that it's a scary bridge, so automatically, their anxiety level rises."  That anxiety means revenue for the Kent Island Express drive-over company.

It started off as a state-run service, but as the demand grew, Maryland couldn't keep up, eventually selling the company.

The small team takes about 10 trips a day, $30 each way.  They're right in the middle of the busy season now.  Come Wednesday and Thursday, they're going to be taking about 20 trips across the bridge each day, and some of their most loyal customers aren't who you'd think.

"There's actually a lot of men that come.  Big stocky men who are terrified to drive across the Bay Bridge," says Samantha

Mark, on his way to Ocean City, was their 10th passenger on Monday.  His problem isn't the distance, or the water, but the height, saying "I could probably do it at night, but during the day, I just, I see the height and it just bothers me so much."

Whether it's talking about the bridge, or anything but during the six to eight minute drive, Samantha says we just try to keep them distracted more on our conversation than the bridge."

If you're interested in catching a ride across the bridge, they say call about an hour in advance.

Aside from the summer, Kent Island Express says they're also busy when it snows...with people nervous to drive over the bridge in those potentially dangerous conditions.

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