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Rabid Bat Found On Third Street In Pocomoke

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POCOMOKE, Md. - A bat that was found last week in Worcester County, has tested positive for rabies.

The Worcester County Health Department say a bat found on Third Street in Pocomoke on June 23rd, was rabid. The bat was found by a resident, who then reported it to authorities. The bat was sent for testing on June 26th, and results were returned on Monday, which showed it was positive for rabies. Officials are asking anyone who had contact with the bat, to contact the Worcester County Health Department at 410-632-1100, extension 1220.

This was the first dead bat available for testing, and is the first rabid one this year. Anyone who finds a bat on the ground or somewhere else it isn't normally, particularly in the day time, is reminded by health officials to no touch it, and keep pets, and people, especially children, away from it. If possible, Officials say you should cover the animal with a bucket or box, and contact the law enforcement, or animal control to have it removed.

Rabies is a disease that is spread through saliva, bites, or scratches from an infected animal. Officials say a person who has been bitten or exposed to the disease, can prevent it though proper treatment. If a bat gets inside of your home, authorities ask that you close it in one room, and contact the Worcester County Environmental Health program at 410-352-3234, your local police department or 911 to report the bat, so that it can be handled appropriately.

Bats have small teeth, and officials say its not always possible to know if you've been bitten, for instance if you wake up and find a bat in the room, if a bat is found in a room with an unattended child, if a bat is found near a person with disabilities, or if a bat is found near a person who is intoxicated. Authorities are reminding residents that bats serve an important part in the environment, but if they enter a home, it could be a problem.

Contact the Nuisance Wildlife Hotline at 1-877-463-6497 for general information on safe exclusion of bats, or if you have one in your attic or another unoccupied area of your home. For more information about rabies, visit the Worcester County Health Department's website.

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