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Fighting Fears, Germs In Public Restrooms

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SALISBURY, Md. - Summer is officially here, and we're hitting a busy time for folks. So when it's time for a pit stop, just how hazardous are public rest rooms when finding relief on the go?

"I think they're disgusting," said Jessica Jackson. "We try to avoid touching anything in there if we can," added her husband Bill.

"I don't sit on the seat," confessed Patty Fischetti.

"It's really not your bottom you have to worry about," said Beth Prouse, Clinical Microbiologist at PRMC. "Most organisms people worry about contracting, like sexually transmitted diseases from the toilet seat, That's not really going to happen."

The toilet seat is one of the least dirtiest places in the whole bathroom. And, unless you have an open wound on your hind parts, there's little to fear. But the one place you should worry isn't under your seat - it's under your feet.

"The floor is actually, I think, one of the dirtiest places in the bathroom," Prouse said.

When you flush, germs from the bowl could mist through the air and hit the floor. Mix it with whatever's tracked in from outside, all types of bacteria could easily end up on the bottom of your beach bag, purse, diaper bag, and then it goes anywhere else you drop it down.
And the last stop before exiting the bathroom may be the most critical.

"I personally don't like touching the sinks and everything," said Trishelle Riggle.

A valid concern - as clean hands touching a dirty knob could void the process.

"If you flush the toilet and then you wash your hands and use your hand to turn the sink off, you just re-contaminated yourself," Prouse said.

She suggests using a paper towel for the knob and the door handle on the way out.

"I feel like taking my Lysol wipes and cleaning it up," said Deedee Rinaldo.

But, no matter what your fears are, Jim Shaud puts it simply-

"As long as they're cleaning them it's fine. Nobody wants to use a gross bathroom."   

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