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Unbelievable Supercell Thunderstorm in Wyoming


This amazing picture was taken by Colt Forney Photography (@Basehunters). These stormchasers caught this epic view of a classic supercell thunderstorm near Newcastle, Wyoming on Sunday evening.

NOAA defines a supercell thunderstorm as "a special kind of single cell thunderstorm that can persist for many hours...and are responsible for nearly all of the significant tornadoes produced in the U.S. and for most of the hailstones larger than golf ball size."

Supercells are very organized and tightly wound up storms which can produce winds as high as 100 mph. Winds potentially can go higher if a tornado forms within it. Supercells are characterized by very strong updrafts (upward blowing wind at very high speeds), which in turn can cause a downdraft, and that can drop large hail and cause high winds.

This particular picture was a rare catch and these stormchasers got very close to the storm. In the eyes of a meteorologist this picture is a thing of beauty and full of amazing physical characteristics that make this a classic supercell and a classic meteorological phenomenon. But remember, these storms are extremely dangerous and can cause significant loss of life.

Click here to watch an incredible timelapse of the whole storm. Courtesy: @BaseHunters

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